Hotel Whites

Offering affordable and durable hotel quality 100% cotton towels in either 400gr/m2, 440gr/m2 or 500gr/ m2 which are able to withstand laundering up to 90ºC.

Great and economic options for high utilization situations


 Basic Colours 

A simple, basic design using the very best raw materials to create towels that will please even the most demanding customer. A 580 gr/m2 towel that gives superior absorbancy quality.
"From the clean simplicity of pure white, through pastel shades and mid-tones to bold, saturated hues, we give you the palette to paint your own unique picture
....... the possibilities are endless".

Available in 24 colours




Designed to add a more decorative touch to your bathroom, these bath linens are available in an assortment of colours, textures and patterns and many conveniently coordinate with our Basic Colours line. Visit us to see our latest collections.