Time for new bath towels?


Who doesn´t love stepping out of the shower or tub and wrapping yourself in a warm, thick and fluffy towel. Ahh luxury! Or maybe you are more familiar with a scratchy and threadbare experience? Then it's definitely time to rejuvenate your bath towel collection.

It is always handy to have 3 or 4 sets on hand to rotate so they last longer. After all, for hygiene purposes we should launder our towels after every third use. The weight of the towel gives an indication of its density and this is measured in grams. Naturally the higher the density, the thicker and heavier the towel. The best fibre for towels is 100% cotton, and there are various qualities of, but now we can buy towels made from more exotic fibres such as viscose from bamboo.

If you are buying towels for your personal use, our basic range in the shop comes in a 580g weight, perfectly luxurious and in a choice of 24 colours to mix and match or introduce to your existing sets. For those of you conscious of the weight of your laundry, for example if you own a holiday home and pay for this service, we have a "spa quality" white towel in an ideal weight of 440g. And for those looking for a little extra from their towels, we have a selection of gorgeous decorative towels: either made with a percentage of linen, with exquisite decorative borders or embroideries or that are extra thick and thirsty.

So go on - indulge yourself and update your towel collection today!

Our Basic range and Spa range are available to purchase online via our online shop.




For Mother's Day / Para Dia da Mãe


Mothers Day in Portugal
(Sunday, May 3rd, 2015)

It's that time of year when we get to demonstrate our love for our Mothers. For their unconditional love, their patience, their time and all their hard work. It's time to purchase that little special gift to let our Mothers know how much we appreciate them.
Of course as when purchasing any gift, it's not the size or the value that matters, it the thought that counts. A little something special to let her know you are thinking of her on that day - and all others, of course.
At Casa Lusa we have a variety of perfect little gifts.
Something for the cook? A retro style apron or a kitchen towel set in pretty spring colours. Or does she deserve her own soft and fluffy bath towel set to indulge herself in the bathroom. We have pretty table linens in classic linen, cotton and easy care fabrics. And not forgetting of course how all women love something scented, we have a range of beautifully packaged scented soaps, from natural soaps made with olive oil and fresh herbs to evocative scented exfoliating and massage bars in their own delightful decorative presentation tin. And at the end of the day, who doesn't love to unwind by lighting a few candles and creating that calming ambiance? Not only do we have scented candles but also the most amazing collection of unique driftwood candle holders crafted from wood collected on our very own beaches here in and around Baleal.

Dia da Mãe
(3 de Maio, 2015)

Está chegar o dia quando estamos todos obrigados (LOL!) de mostrar o nosso carinho para a nossa mãe. Realmente, sabemos que devia-se mostrar TODOS os dias mas, o mundo comercial criou este dia - Dia da Mãe - (é já este domingo, não se esquece!) para ajudar-nos lembrar pelo menos uma vez por ano.

E então, felizmente para vocês, a Casa Lusa tem uma grande variedade de mimos especiais para oferecer aquela mulher tão especial.
Para proteger-lhe dos salpicos quando está cozinhar - um avental 'retro' e muito chique. Para secar as mãos ou a loiça - um conjunto de panos da cozinha coloridos e absorventes. Para quando sai de um banho relaxante após de um dia stressante - um toalhão grosso e macio. Para dar um cheirinho apelativo em casa - uma vela aromatizada. As ideias continuam.
Visite a nossa loja para fazer a sua escolha.

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The benefits of wearing pijamas to bed



There's good reason to wear pjs to bed.

1/ Warmth

This is obviously a big reason why people want to wear pijamas to bed. In winter, it is much more comfortable to get into bed in pijamas that have already had a chance to warm on your skin and be able to stay warm. It doesn’t matter how many layers of blankets you load on, wearing pijamas is what offers that 'second skin' warming effect.

2/ Hygiene

Believe it or not, hygiene is very important while you sleep. Even if you shower each time before you crawl into bed, your body continues to shed dead skin cells while you sleep. If you wear pijamas, most of these cells will stay on them and not on your sheets and it's infinitely easier to more frequently change your pijamas than your sheets.

3/ Comfort

If you wear pijamas made from natural materials, and they are not too tight, you will be able to sleep more comfortably.

It is generally agreed that it is best to wear pijamas made of cotton but these days there is a wide range of cotton blends and other exciting and adaptable fibres, such as viscose and modal, that have become as popular.

Long sleeve or short, one piece or two, flannel, jersey, lined or knit, there are many choices to get you covered for bedtime.

Casa Lusa has recently introduced a varied selection of pijamas that will help ensure a good night's sleep. Come in to see our latest addition: 2 piece sets, shorts and T, in crisp white, 180 thread count cotton chambray. Sweet!

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To scatter or not to scatter?

That is the question! But what is the answer? While lazily drinking my Sunday morning coffee in bed researching some articles for this blog, my husband enquires as to what I am doing. Before the words are barely out of my mouth he responds with a emphatic "waste of time". Of course he was giving his opinion on the use of scatter cushions. An opinion generally shared by the male population. "What is the point? " they ask. A load of cushions that only need removing from the bed in order to sleep and then lo and behold, all need picking back up off the floor the next morning and re-arranging on the bed. But are they missing the point?
Decorative cushions on the bed or on a sofa can add a touch of luxury, they are inviting and just asking you to cosy up with them. How many times have you heard interior decorators advise you or read in your home magazines to add splashes of colour to your room by choosing accessories like cushions in an accent colour or bold pattern. It's a simple way to introduce colour into your existing decor and not only that, it is cost effective too. So you love the colour red, you are not going to paint all your walls red and buy a sofa in red...no, no, no. But adding some red cushions in a solid colour or a striking pattern will be all you need. Then when you are tired of red, it's so easy to change up your decor.
Here at Casa Lusa we have had a hard time finding those perfect decorative cushions "made in Portugal" So we have embarked on our own project. We have sourced gorgeous fabrics and had our very own seamstress create our personal range. We would like to introduce our collection to you. Please come and see the whole collection and choose between Portuguese Burel, beautiful cotton prints and perfectly relaxed linen.

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