Therapeutic or not, they do smell and look really nice


According to Websters Dictionary, 'aromatherapy', is " the use of natural oils that have a pleasant smell to make a person feel better".

This simplistic definition is certainly the inspiration for the whole of the home scents industry where a wide gamut of products has been created and promoted for one's well-being.

Pleasant scents trigger fond memories which in turn lift one's spirits, or even evoke a relaxed state of mind and offer a moment of peace and tranquility.

Casa Lusa has recently introduced a signature scented candle to its already varied home accessories selection. The elegant glass vessel is painted white on the inside and is embellished with only the outline of the shop's logo in gray on the outside of the glass. This aesthetic combination adds a certain 'light' appearance to the candle and makes it suit any home decor.

That's just how it looks.

Now the candle itself has a soft and evocative scent of white tea blossom with hints of citrus. Wherever the candle is placed - your home's entrance, bedroom, bathroom, living or even dining room - the delicate scent will be sure to please. Or you could really dedicate your home to the scent and put one in every room!

It's a pity we cannot transmit the scent through the internet, but you can always stop by to see and smell for yourself.