How to care for your towels


Do your bath towels feel soft and smooth to the touch but when it comes to using them, they don't actually do a good job in drying you off? They're freshly laundered yet it seems your hands are still quite wet after you've wiped them? What gives?
Everyone knows that the majority of bath towels are made of 100% cotton which is a natural fiber with a high absorbency rate and can hold more than 25 times its own weight in water. 25 times! Again, what gives?

So if it's not the fibers of the towel... then it's you - or rather how you take care of your towels.

One of the many 'little tips in life' that my mother imparted on me when I was growing up was that when one launders towels, NEVER use fabric softener. Yes, the whole point of fabric softener is to SOFTEN fabric - an attribute everyone wants for their towels - but when it comes to using this product on your bath towels, it's actually working against the whole purpose of a towel - which is to dry you off.

By using fabric softener in your wash cycle, you're actually coating the fibers of your towels in a waxy layer, thus repelling the water you want it to absorb. Old wives' tales and experts alike suggest adding up to 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle in your laundry load to help soften your towels and keep them absorbant.

Although I never knew about the suggested addition of vinegar, I have always made sure to stay away from fabric softener and my towels, like these found at Casa Lusa, continue to 'dry like a dream'.

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