Time for new bath towels?


Who doesn´t love stepping out of the shower or tub and wrapping yourself in a warm, thick and fluffy towel. Ahh luxury! Or maybe you are more familiar with a scratchy and threadbare experience? Then it's definitely time to rejuvenate your bath towel collection.

It is always handy to have 3 or 4 sets on hand to rotate so they last longer. After all, for hygiene purposes we should launder our towels after every third use. The weight of the towel gives an indication of its density and this is measured in grams. Naturally the higher the density, the thicker and heavier the towel. The best fibre for towels is 100% cotton, and there are various qualities of, but now we can buy towels made from more exotic fibres such as viscose from bamboo.

If you are buying towels for your personal use, our basic range in the shop comes in a 580g weight, perfectly luxurious and in a choice of 24 colours to mix and match or introduce to your existing sets. For those of you conscious of the weight of your laundry, for example if you own a holiday home and pay for this service, we have a "spa quality" white towel in an ideal weight of 440g. And for those looking for a little extra from their towels, we have a selection of gorgeous decorative towels: either made with a percentage of linen, with exquisite decorative borders or embroideries or that are extra thick and thirsty.

So go on - indulge yourself and update your towel collection today!

Our Basic range and Spa range are available to purchase online via our online shop.