The benefits of wearing pijamas to bed



There's good reason to wear pjs to bed.

1/ Warmth

This is obviously a big reason why people want to wear pijamas to bed. In winter, it is much more comfortable to get into bed in pijamas that have already had a chance to warm on your skin and be able to stay warm. It doesn’t matter how many layers of blankets you load on, wearing pijamas is what offers that 'second skin' warming effect.

2/ Hygiene

Believe it or not, hygiene is very important while you sleep. Even if you shower each time before you crawl into bed, your body continues to shed dead skin cells while you sleep. If you wear pijamas, most of these cells will stay on them and not on your sheets and it's infinitely easier to more frequently change your pijamas than your sheets.

3/ Comfort

If you wear pijamas made from natural materials, and they are not too tight, you will be able to sleep more comfortably.

It is generally agreed that it is best to wear pijamas made of cotton but these days there is a wide range of cotton blends and other exciting and adaptable fibres, such as viscose and modal, that have become as popular.

Long sleeve or short, one piece or two, flannel, jersey, lined or knit, there are many choices to get you covered for bedtime.

Casa Lusa has recently introduced a varied selection of pijamas that will help ensure a good night's sleep. Come in to see our latest addition: 2 piece sets, shorts and T, in crisp white, 180 thread count cotton chambray. Sweet!

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