To scatter or not to scatter?

That is the question! But what is the answer? While lazily drinking my Sunday morning coffee in bed researching some articles for this blog, my husband enquires as to what I am doing. Before the words are barely out of my mouth he responds with a emphatic "waste of time". Of course he was giving his opinion on the use of scatter cushions. An opinion generally shared by the male population. "What is the point? " they ask. A load of cushions that only need removing from the bed in order to sleep and then lo and behold, all need picking back up off the floor the next morning and re-arranging on the bed. But are they missing the point?
Decorative cushions on the bed or on a sofa can add a touch of luxury, they are inviting and just asking you to cosy up with them. How many times have you heard interior decorators advise you or read in your home magazines to add splashes of colour to your room by choosing accessories like cushions in an accent colour or bold pattern. It's a simple way to introduce colour into your existing decor and not only that, it is cost effective too. So you love the colour red, you are not going to paint all your walls red and buy a sofa in, no, no. But adding some red cushions in a solid colour or a striking pattern will be all you need. Then when you are tired of red, it's so easy to change up your decor.
Here at Casa Lusa we have had a hard time finding those perfect decorative cushions "made in Portugal" So we have embarked on our own project. We have sourced gorgeous fabrics and had our very own seamstress create our personal range. We would like to introduce our collection to you. Please come and see the whole collection and choose between Portuguese Burel, beautiful cotton prints and perfectly relaxed linen.

Check out the following articles for tips on how to arrange your scatter cushions.

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