Sheets, duvets or blankets?

So we have chatted about how and why to make a bed, but what about the elements you use to make your bed? Our experience here at Casa Lusa has taught us that the possibilities are endless. Our clients have many variations on the elements they use to make their beds. Many are time honored traditional ways, others personal preferences and others purely based on reducing the laundry load!

For many the first basic element is a fitted sheet. For some of us this is a must, but others prefer a traditional flat sheet. Then comes the top part, the modern way dictates that the only other element needed is a duvet encased in a duvet cover. But if you are like me, a top sheet is a must. A nice top sheet folded down over the duvet. But let's not forget the more traditional bed made up of flat sheets, top and bottom, then finished with blankets and/or a bedspread.

When it comes to choosing your bed linens, do you prefer to add a splash of colour or pattern to your linens or stick to basic hotel chic and keep everything in crisp white? And as for the fabric, there is a host of fabric to choose from and so many buzz words in the linen industry such as easy care, cotton blend, percale, thread counts. Confused? Don't be.

Whatever your preference, Casa Lusa has an option for you. Be it decorative sheets sets or classic white, duvet covers or blankets and bedspreads, we have it covered. We will guide through the world of fabric choices and help you select all the elements you need for your perfect bed. And of course, we give you the added guarantee of everything being "Made in Portugal"

Night night everyone .....oh don't forget the scatter cushions....

Please tell us how you prefer to make up your bed and check out the following links.