'Tis the season to be... warm!

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Although the days might be bright and in a sheltered corner you may find warmth, we have fully entered the fall season and the beginning of winter is now only days away. You definitely feel it when the sun goes down and the winds pick up. Why not shield from the chill, enveloping yourself in one of the many colourful and warm throws we have on offer through Casa Lusa.

Our throws represent a perfect symbiosis between utility and comfort. Whether in 100% cotton with cashmere feel in a variety of colours or in various grades of wool in traditional or contemporary colours, these throws offer practicality and beauty both throughout the home or on the road. Prices start from €38,50

Autumn/Winter Collection


Introducing one of our duvet covers from our Autumn/Winter collection.  This simple yet stylish duvet cover is the perfect addition to your bed for the autumn season.  Featuring warm autumnal tones of deep red, burnt orange, beige and brown.  Perfect spicy tones that create a warm ambience in your bedroom.   It is made in 100% cotton sateen and a king size duvet cover  (240x220) retails at 70€.  Casa Lusa has a wide selection of throws in both wool and cotton to help you coordinate your room perfectly, and can help you with decorative cushions, sheets and pillows. 

So what are you wating for? You can submit your mail order request to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/casalusa2012/

More on Tea Towels -from humble to decorative

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Yes, it's true that, besides the chef, the kitchen towel IS the most hard working element in the kitchen; it's helpful - drying, mopping, protecting - or just sitting pretty in all its colourful glory and fun designs which brighten up a kitchen and doing the chores.

But have you ever thought about taking the kitchen towel out of the kitchen? These days, kitchen towels, whether traditional cotton, terry, waffle or linen, are decorative enough to take a more leading role in other rooms in the home. Let's say in a family bathroom, where you could have just one, embellished with embroidery, hung over your everyday towels to add a bit of whimsey or seasonal flair. Or several with bold graphics and hues to add a punch of colour, separately folded or rolled and on the countertop in the guest bathroom to be used individually. Did you read Casa Lusa's blog last week? Of COURSE Ms. M. Stewart's going to create a project using kitchen towels and make fun, useful, and inexpensive!, decorative pillows for the bedroom, family or living room. I think she's even got one for adapting kitchen towels into café style curtains. And why not? Imagine swapping out your kitchen towel curtains whenever you wanted so you could finally 'use' your grandmother's linen towels she embroidered for her dowry and now you've inherited.

At Casa Lusa we unfortunately do not have granny's heirlooms, but certainly tea towels lovely enough to serve as your own heirlooms. Like these ones above - waffle or jacquard, 50x70cm, 83% cotton + 17% linen for only €4,00 each!


The humble kitchen towel


The humble kitchen towel is such a versatile and essential item in your kitchen.  From drying the dishes, protecting food, helping with hot pans, mopping up spills or simply looking pretty we all need a good supply of towels  in our kitchens.  Whether you prefer a simple, plain hardworking t towel, a more classy decorative one or something fun and funky to brighten up those kitchen chores, Casa Lusa has one to fill every wish. 

Most kitchen linens are small, lightweight and inexpensive making them the perfect item to take home from your travels, as a gift for yourself or a good friend. 


Check out these links for some added information on the practical values of t towels, and some fun ideas of what to do with unused t towels and some tips on how to hang them in your kitchen.

Not forgetting, please check out our facebook page for the latest designs/colours available from Casa Lusa, available in store and for home delivery.